GOOD New Year! Eat yourself beautiful…

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January is a bit depressing isn’t it? Especially considering the fact that 9 out of 10 of us don’t stick to our New Year’s resolutions. So, all those GOOD intentions have already gone down the pan for most of us! Well – don’t despair, here at GOOD we’ve tried to make it a bit easier. Working with celebrity health guru Neish Joshi we’ve put together some easy peasey New Year Resolutions which achieve results the pain free way. So what are you waiting for? Jump back on the wagon with his top tips, you’ll feel refreshed and revived in no time.

1. Easy food swaps

• Making healthy food choices doesn’t mean you have to exist on lettuce alone. Try these simple food swaps which will to give your health a boost, without compromising on taste: – Swap potato for sweet potato when making wedges – Snack on wasabi peas instead of dry roasted peanuts – Use GOOD OIL on your salad instead of heavy dressing – On pasta, ditch cheese sauce and use fresh tomato instead – Use spices instead of salt when seasoning food – Swap sweets for dried fruit (dried mangoes are the sweetest)

2. Aim for ‘as much as you can’ a day

• We all know we should aim for 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, but unfortunately this isn’t always possible. Instead aim for as much as you can and don’t throw in the towel if you have a bad day and give up altogether. Just remember tomorrow is another day and a fresh start.

3. Don’t avoid oil (well, we would say that wouldn’t we!)

•When people go on a health kick, they immediately think about foods they should eliminate from their diet, which often includes oils. In fact you should include oil in your diet on a daily basis, just make sure it’s the right kind. GOOD OIL is a good source of essential omega-3 and omega-6, which the body needs to maintain a healthy heart. Research shows that reducing saturated fat intake and swapping it for oils rich in EFAs contributes to an improvement in cholesterol.

4. Sip sip and sip again

• The thought of drinking the recommended 2 liters of water can be pretty daunting. Don’t panic and try to gulp it down in one go. Make sure you have a bottle to hand and sip throughout the day, you’ll reach your target before you know it.

5. Juice it up

• Not everyone is happy to eat through piles of vegetables and fruit every day, so make life simpler and start juicing. It’s easy to replace one portion of fruit and veg a day with a juice, here are some of our favourites: – Carrot, ginger and celery for breakfast – Mango, mint and lime for a lunch treat – A tasty blackberry and cranberry smoothie with a drop of GOOD OIL for a healthy afternoon drink:

Blackberry and cranberry smoothie
Serves 1

0.9g protein
11g fat (of which  1.5g saturated fat)
34g carbs (of which 5g sugar)
3g fibre
Trace salt

·         100g blackberries or blueberries
·         200mls of cranberry juice
·         1tbsp GOOD OIL

Place all the ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth. Pour into a glass and add plenty of ice.

6. Swap coffee for herbal tea

• We know you’ve heard it before and that despite previous attempts to switch to green tea your body still craves a caffeine-laden pick-me-up in the morning. However, consider this: herbal teas have a multitude of benefits and they don’t over-stimulate, as coffee tends to do, helping you to maintain a sharper concentration and have more energy. Try swapping a least one cup of coffee a day for a herbal tea and gradually reduce your intake of coffee. Green tea also has the added benefits of antioxidents

7. Get green fingered – the new way to workout

• Grow your own is becoming more popular than ever. But what’s more, a gardening session burns an impressive 350 calories. So ditch that gym class and get digging in your back garden or join a local community gardening project.

8. Cheat exercise

• Don’t like the thought of spending hours in front of the latest WAG workout DVD. Neither do we. Incorporating exercise into your daily routine is easier than you think and we have a few suggestions to get you started. Start with taking the stairs, try getting off the bus a stop earlier and walking, carry your bags home from the supermarket and do a few squats or sit ups in front of TV when no one is looking.

9. Reward yourself the smart way

• You’ve had a promotion or it’s your birthday, no matter how big the celebration, don’t use it as an excuse to binge on unhealthy food and drink. Instead reward yourself with a holistic treat such as a massage or shopping trip for a new yoga outfit. The result? You’ll feel great inside and out.

10. Eat in the right environment

• With busier than ever lives, many of us don’t sit down for our three meals a day. Eating on the go or not eating at all has become common practice. Having ad hoc eating patterns can result in poor digestion and eating on the go makes it difficult to choose healthier foods. Make a conscious effort to eat at least one of your meals a day sat down at a table. You only need to set aside 30 minutes and you can invite work colleagues, friends or family to join you.

11. Have a ‘sin’ day

• Going on a New Year ‘health’ kick’ often involves cutting out the foods you love and when it comes to chocolate, cherish. Keep yourself motivated and sane by having a ‘sin day’ every week, where you can treat yourself to your craving of choice. A week long of deprivation would fail to inspire the most enthusiastic of us; by having a ‘sin day’ you’ll have something to look forward too, which will keep you motivate “And above all remember to take one step at a time. Each day at a time. If you fall of the track, start again! Don’t think of this new you as “What do I need to eliminate from my diet?” Think more as what can you increase in your diet and “What can you have instead of…”

GOOD luck with it – do let us know how you get on!



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