Top Tips for Great Food and Gorgeous Skin

February 10, 2009 at 9:24 am Leave a comment

Some research just published has found that 21% of women in the UK would consider Plastic Surgery. I don’t know about you, but here at GOOD we found that pretty shocking. Our friend Constance Campion,  was less surprised. She told us that where she works, they actually turn down 50% of the applicants for face lifts, instead telling them to start taking more care about what they put inside their body, and see the dramatic impact that can have on the outside. She believes that too many people nowadays see Plastic Surgery as a ‘quick fix’ rather than a last resort – and she’s on a crusade to put a stop to that attitude.


We love Constance, and she loves us. She is a big fan of GOOD Oil, and has been from Day 1. She recommends it for the Omegas (with the perfect ratio of 3 to 6 for our bodies), the GLA, the lower saturated fat compared to Olive Oil – plus, interestingly, how it can help with hormonal imbalance – which is nearly always the culprit in regard to skin problems (as well as  host of other health and wellness issues). She spent the day yesterday doing radio interviews talking about her views, and passing on her ‘top tips’ for wellness and good skin – so here are her Top 5 for you!

1. Start the day with porridge. Add some seeds and some dried cranberry, and a tablespoon of GOOD Oil. If you crave sweetness, avoid white sugar (high GI) and go for Agave Nectar instead (available in health food shops). Yum! Hopefully this will stop you snacking half way through the morning too – perfect!


2. Don’t aim for 5 pieces of Fruit and Veg a day, go for 9. At the Clinic, Constance says they judge how healthy someones diet is by asking when they last ate Broccoli – so make you get plenty of the green stuff.


3. Avoid pre-packaged food whenever possible – too much salt and too many chemicals. Make Veggie packed meals, drizzled with GOOD Oil and fill up your freezer with them (this includes no lunches on the go – take a packed lunch box to work).

GOOD Oil Mild and Light

4. Don’t drink too much alcohol. An obvious one, but important.

5. Get some exercise. You don’t need to join a gym or become a marathon runner to enjoy the benefits – just a regular walk in the park can do the world of GOOD!

So there you have it – another list of ways to feel GOOD, and look GOOD too.


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Chinese New Year – start the GOOD way! Pancakes. Yum.

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