Houses made from Hemp

June 3, 2009 at 5:15 pm Leave a comment

Hemp is great. We’ve thought so for ages. Finally, it looks as if it is other people are realising too – the first house made of hemp is here!

It is a renewable house, made partly from hemcrete – a mixture of hemp and lime. It was built thanks to a grant from the Department for Energy and Climate Change of £200,000


The National Non-Food Crops Centre (NNFCC), which built the home, said building it used half the energy that building a traditional brick home would use, plus claimed that energy bills for the home owners would be as low as £150 a year.

Thousands are planned – so here’s hoping that they start building soon!

Hemp is a great carbon sequester, the NNFCC estimates that 110kg (242.5lb) of carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere, the equivalent of a return flight from Plymouth to Manchester, for every square metre of wall.

Hemp is being grown more and more in the UK after being reintroduced about a decade ago. Traditionally every landowner in Britain had to grow hemp for rope for the Navy – but now it is used for much more interesting things! We grow it for the seeds (to make our lovely GOOD OIL), plus harvest the fibre as well to make into hemcrete (plus we sell some to BMW as they use it for their car door panels). Overall, hemp is great for the environment and wildlife whilst it grows – plus it is great for insulation when made into hemcrete. The seeds are a nutritional gem too, rich in Omega 3 & 6 plus with all 10 essential amino acids – so it really is a supercrop!


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