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We asked our lovely fans to let us know why they loved GOOD OIL. It was mainly for an ego boost really. It certainly worked! We are amazed when 128 GOOD People emailed us with their reasons. We had some pretty wacky ones which made us giggle, to ones that really moved us. We’ve put some of our favourites below for you to see. Thanks to everyone who let us know why they love GOOD OIL – you made the GOOD Team really really happy!!

  • It just tastes awesome in everything!!!! I can’t get enough of its nutty taste!

  • A corner of heaven found in Devon, from good rich soil comes pure Good Oil

  • I think I’m addicted!! I don’t use any other oil now – I love the taste and I love how healthy it is. I use your oil for cooking and drizzled on salad, potatoes, veg … well, pretty much everything!!

  • Okay, this is an unusual one! I have really sensitive skin. I was running out of things to use on my sunburn last summer, when a freind recommended Good Oil. The natural hemp seed oil is one of the best things for your inside and your outside, so I gave it a go. It cleared up my sunburn and gave me great skin. So, I turned to more conventional uses and found it makes amazing salad dressings and a great-tasting alternative to olive oil, so now it helps keep me looking excellent on the outside and the inside. Oh, and in case you were wondering – it also loosens rusted bolts, makes a great hair-conditioner, and gives dogs a very shiney coat!

  • My garden Gnomes are naughty and often make my blood boil. I need to feed them healthily which is why I love GOOD oilIt gives them the GOOD buzz they need and puts them on their best behaviour. So that is why I love GOOD oil, as it’s my Gnomey saviour!X

  • I have been using good oil for some time.I use it in salad dressings and gently roasting root veg.I start the day with a smoothie to which I add 1 tablespoon of good oil.brill,no after taste.Totally pure and i have noticed the effects as a middle age woman, within a few weeks.It is a natural hormone balancer and if you only have it in a smoothie, that alone helps. I’m pre menoupausal and was worrying about ageing. Since I’ve been using Good Oil for two months I have seen a noticeable difference in my skin.  It is much more supple and fresh looking. Hemp oil is healthier than HRT and cheaper than having a face lift!
  • It’s ethical and healthy, and I don’t need to be wealthy, To enjoy the affordable, delicious taste, Of a brilliant product that sustains not wastes 🙂

  • I’m not happy with you chaps. I’m living on a small budget at the moment, but decided to treat myself to a bottle of GOOD OIL, for the copious salads i make. I brought it 3 weeks ago, and because it’s so dam tasty, i’ve almost finished it. And now i have to fork out £7 for another bottle. Just please stop making this stuff, therefore i don’t have to feed my 33p a day addiction. Resentful Regards

  • Because it makes me say a hip, hop, the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop, a don\’t stop the rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat.

  • It’s fighting the myth that all fats are bad! (It tastes good too!!!)

  • Hi, thank you so much! I have been using, “Good oil” for the past few months and, “Wow” !!. I can not believe the difference it has made to my life. I have had  depression for over 15yr’s and 5yr’s ago i suffered a Stroke, which left me partially sighted with memory damage and regular bout’s of confusion. Since i started using, “Good oil” my memory has improved greatly and seem’s to be getting better daily. My depression has totally lifted, energy levels have gone through the roof. I have’nt had one Migraine, my mood swing’s have disapeared and i am starting back to work! I can not endorse the benefit’s of “Hemp oil” any more strongly. I have made convert’s of my entire family and many friend’s, who also wish they had discovered it year’s ago. Love your story! Best of luck for the future, keep up the good work and once again, “Thank you”!!

Smiling after reading the GOOD OIL love

The GOOD Team smiling after reading the GOOD OIL love


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