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Hemp seeds are 44 percent oil, 33 percent protein and 12 percent carbohydrates, primarily fiber. Hemp oil, extracted from hemp seeds, is the richest source of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, reports the North American Industrial Hemp Council. These fatty acids support brain function and heart health.

Shelled Hemp Seeds


You can add shelled hemp seeds to cereal, salads or baked goods. Well-known for their high omega-3 fatty acid content, hemp seeds are also rich in protein. Unlike many plant proteins, hemp seeds contain a complete amino acid profile, making them a good source of protein.

Protein Types

Proteins are either complete or incomplete. Complete proteins, usually found in animal products, provide all the essential amino acids that your body cannot produce on its own. Incomplete proteins, usually found in vegetables and grains, lack one or more of these amino acids. Hemp contains all the amino acids necessary to make it a complete protein.

Protein Quality

In addition to the amino acid content, the ratio of these amino acids defines a protein’s quality. Hemp seeds contain a desirable ratio of amino acids, making it closer to the quality of animal-based proteins than any other plant, except for soy. The protein in hemp consists of 33 percent albumin and 67 percent edestine, which are readily digested by your body.


In a 3 tbsp. serving of hemp seed, weighing 30 g, you get 11 g of protein. Compare this to 5 g of protein contained in 30 g of sesame seeds or 4 g found in 30 g of chia seeds. A 3-oz. serving of extra-firm tofu contains 9 g and 3 oz. of chicken breast contains 27 g.


For vegetarians and vegans who can sometimes be deficient in protein, hemp seed is a high-quality option. Soy contains some compounds that actually interfere with its ability to be absorbed optimally. Hemp does not seem to contain these compounds, making it more available to your body for use for muscle synthesis and energy.

Shelled Hemp SeedsShelled Hemp Seeds are the latest addition to GOOD Hemp Foods family.


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