Easy Food Swaps for a Healthier You in 2014

January 6, 2014 at 11:04 am Leave a comment

Is your new year’s resolution to be healthier or lose weight? It may seem like a difficult task however you can easily swap the current foods in your diet for healthier alternatives without having to compromise on taste. You will feel much better for it and your waistline will thank you!


Muesli (Sweet & Crunchy)

  • GOOD HEMP Milk instead of cow’s milk in tea/coffee or on cereal
  • Egg whites instead of whole eggs in omelettes
  • Wholemeal toast, bagels or muffins instead of white bread
  • Agave syrup or maple syrup instead of sugar to sweeten porridge
  • Porridge oats instead of high salt and sugar cereals
  • Vegetable juices instead of fruit juices


brown rice low res

  • GOOD OIL instead of olive oil in salad dressings
  • Light mayonnaise instead of regular mayo
  • Wholemeal pittas and bread instead of white bread
  • Grilled chicken or turkey instead of salty processed meats in sandwiched and salads
  • GOOD SEED pesto instead of regular pesto
  • Low fat spread instead of butter
  • Cottage cheese or low fat mozzarella instead of regular cheese
  • Light oil or vinegar based dressings instead of creamy ones


080901_GO_ 0059

  • Fish or tofu instead of red meat
  • Brown rice, quinoa or bulgar wheat instead of white rice
  • Wholemeal pasta instead of regular pasta
  • Fresh or frozen vegetables instead of tinned
  • Chicken breast instead of thighs and legs
  • Lean minced beef instead of regular mince

Other tips to get healthier:

  • remove skin from chicken and all visible fat from other meats
  • eat raw food as much as possible as this contains the most nutrients
  • snack on fruit and veg instead of chocolate, cakes or sweets
  • drink plenty of water- your hunger may just actually be thirst!

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