Hemp Seeds – They’re Good For What Ails You

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From nutritionist Evelyn Reece…

Hemp seeds are nutritional powerhouses. In our nutritionally void times, the amount of dietary positives these little seeds have going for them almost beggars belief. They’re rich in protein – containing all nine of the essential amino acids – are replete with the antioxidant Vitamin E, have a tremendous range of essential fatty acids, and plenty of fibre to boot. With all this and more, it’s perhaps little wonder that hemp seeds can be used to help alleviate medical conditions – but the extent and manner in which they do so is quite astonishing.

Immune Recovery

People suffering from lowered immune function could benefit enormously from hemp seed consumption. Indeed, hemp seeds were used in the not-so-distant past to help restore the physical defences of those suffering from tuberculosis – with considerable success. Its enormous immune system benefits come from a variety of factors. Firstly, hemp seed is high in Vitamin E – a renowned antioxidant which can help to defend the body against tissue degradation and subsequent weakening of systems and illness. Secondly, hemp seed contains a perfect ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids – bodily miracle-workers which have a plethora of health benefits. Omega fatty acids are absolutely fantastic for the improvement and maintenance of cardiovascular health, but also have proven benefits for the immune system. Omega 3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory, meaning that they aid the body in battling conditions which cause inflammation, thus leaving the immune system free to concentrate upon rooting out the disease at the source. Furthermore, the Linus Pauling Institute has discovered that the consumption of Omega 3 can have significant beneficial effects for those suffering from autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus erythematosus.


If you’re ill and your immune system is compromised, what better way to make yourself feel better than a warm, comforting bowl of soup incorporating all the benefits of hemp seed? Try getting a friend to make you this delicious hemp seed soup with roasted butternut squash, pear, and ginger next time you’re feeling under the weather!


1 butternut squash

1 leek (sauteed)

1 1/2 inches fresh ginger (peeled)

1 sauteed pear

1/2 cup of hemp seeds

2 1/2 cups of mixed vegetable stock

1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp allspice

Roast the squash in a warm oven until it is soft and tender. While this is happening, chop and sautee the leek and the pear. Blend your hemp seeds and spices (preferably in a blender). Add the sauteed pear and leek to the blender when done and blend in. Add the butternut squash when it is ready and blend until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Add the vegetable stock until your desired liquidity is attained, heat on the stove, and serve.

Good For The Brain

The Omega fatty acids found in such perfect quantities within hemp seeds may also have rather marvelous effects upon the brain. Studies by British psychiatrists and neurologists have drawn a correlation between a decline in Omega fatty acid consumption and a rise in mental health disorders. More significantly, the same study discovered that bringing Omega fatty acid levels back up in such patients brought about a marked improvement in their mental state. The concept of eating fish to improve your brain power is an old one, often considered an old wives’ tale – but fish are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, and this research may well go some way towards proving that your grandmother was right all along! So profound are the effects of Omega fatty acids upon the brain that Nobel Prize nominated scientist Johanna Budwig has recommended that they be used to supplement the diets of recovering from substance addictions. Although a scientific report on her recommendations is still forthcoming, early indications are that this is a line of treatment which shows great promise.


If you’re feeling depressed, chocolate is always a good way to cheer yourself up – especially chocolate containing hemp seeds! Here is how to make your own:


1/4 cup coconut oil

2 tablespoons cocoa

1 tablespoon sugar or sweetener

2 tablespoons toasted hemp seeds

Melt the coconut oil in a microwave. Stir in the cocoa and sugar (or sweetener). When the mixture looks thick and smooth, stir in the hemp seeds. Then simply freeze the mixture, and enjoy when solid!

A Natural Medicine

Hemp seeds have been used as a medicine for centuries, and were particularly popular with ancient Chinese medical practitioners. Although some of the claims made by Chinese medicine for the many benefits of hemp seed have yet to be tested by western science, what is clear is that hemp seeds have a tremendous medicinal value which should be appreciated more in this day and age. One often overlooked aspect of the medicinal benefits of hemp seeds is the ease with which these wonderful substances are processed by the body. Hemp seeds contain all nine of the essential amino acids needed by the body to function at optimum level. This is not unusual – such proteins can be got from a variety of sources. However, what makes the proteins in hemp seeds special is that they come in a form very similar to the proteins already absorbed into the human body and circulated through the blood. This means that a suffering body need exert very little valuable effort in order to access and utilise these proteins in the process of recovery.

Enormously Beneficial

All in all, eating hemp seeds could do enormous good to people suffering from autoimmune disorders, circulatory troubles, and mental health issues – yet are still regarded with suspicion by some. If hemp seeds could lose their entirely unjustified negative associations in the minds of certain people, their undoubted physical benefits could become widespread, available to all, and the benefits to society and medical science as a whole could be enormous.


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