Nuts About Soya?

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There are so many dairy alternatives available nowadays and it can be difficult to know which one to choose. With so many new plant-based milks being introduced it can be a confusing (and expensive) task deciding which to use on a daily basis.

The most well-known dairy alternative is probably soya as this is likely to be the option many people turn to when they first  go dairy-free. Soya can be a good option as the phytoestrogens it contains have been shown to reduce the adverse symptoms of menopause and can also help to accelerate calcium absorption in the body which can help to prevent osteoporosis. However, there are many reasons why soya may not be such a good option…

Why Choose Hemp Milk Over Soya Milk?

  • Non-GM

Unlike soya, hemp needn’t be ‘enhanced’ or genetically modified in order to give it a more nutritiously desirable profile. Many soya crops are genetically modified and hemp needn’t be! Hemp is grown without the use of any chemicals and does not require herbicides or pesticides to grow.

  • Produced in the UK

GOOD HEMP Milk is produced from hemp seeds grown on our farm in Devon and is made and packed right here in the UK. Soya beans can only grown in climates with hot summers which is not possible in the UK so you can never be too sure where your soya milk has come from or how many miles it has travelled!

  • Minimal processing

In order to extract the milk from the beans soya has to undergo a lengthy chemical process. In GOOD HEMP Milk, the seeds are shelled and then blended with water which involves minimal processing and keeps the optimum nutritional value of the seeds!

  • Easy to digest

Hemp milk is easily digestible, so there is none of the bloating which can be associated with soya alternatives. Soya contains enzyme inhibitors known as oligosaccharides, which can interfere with digestion causing bloating and gas- which is not very nice!

  • Nut-free

GOOD HEMP milk is produced in a completely nut-free environment which means you can be sure you are not going to consume any allergens.

  • Perfect in hot drinks!

Many dairy-alternatives, including soya, are not suitable when used in hot drinks and can separate. GOOD HEMP milk won’t do this, and it is great for cooking with too.

  • Packed full of Omega-3

Hemp seeds are high in Omega-3 and just one glass of GOOD HEMP Milk contains 50% of an adult’s daily recommended Omega 3 intake.


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