GOOD OIL: Why It Really Is GOOD

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The majority of us will use oil in our daily lives and not give much thought to how it is affecting our health, however as it is a common ingredient in almost every meal shouldn’t it be a little more important? Most recipes begin with ‘heat a tablespoon of oil’ and by using GOOD OIL you can make sure that tablespoon counts! Just one tablespoon of GOOD OIL contains 96% of an adult’s daily recommended Omega 3 intake!




So what else is so good about GOOD OIL?

  • Made from the superfood hemp seeds: GOOD OIL is 100% pure hemp seed oil which is cold pressed and nothing else is added. Hemp seeds are a real superfood and are made up of 30% protein, 15% carbohydrates and over 9% fibre. Whatsmore, they are packed full of Omega 3, 6 and 9 which are the essential fatty acids your body cannot produce itself. With 2.3g of Omega 3 per 30g serving of hemp seeds, you can easily exceed the daily recommended intake of 2g without trying!
  • Sustainable: hemp is one of the most sustainable plants on the planet and breath in four times the amount of CO2 that trees do. Also, the rate hemp grows is extremely fast, second only to bamboo. Within 4 months of being planted it can grow between 10 and 20 feet tall! On the other hand trees take at least 20 years before they can be harvested for commercial use.Whilst growing, the hemp makes an excellent habitat for animals and as no herbicides, pesticides or chemicals are used, it is good for the soil too and helps to enrich it with nutrients. Once the seeds are harvested none of the crop is wasted. The straw from the stem goes into sustainable housing and the fibre is used for the doors of BMW cars! The leaves are left to enrich the soil even more.
  • Not just for eating: GOOD OIL  is not only delicious drizzled over salads and in stir fries. It is an excellent moisturiser and is great for dry skin. As the oil contains an almost perfect ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6, this makes it more readily available to be used by the cells in the body than other oils. Many customers have commented that using GOOD OIL directly on the skin or in the bath have helped to relieve the symptoms of dry skin, eczema and sunburn.
  • Produced in the UK: it’s not often you can say your culinary oil is produced in Britain and with many oils (such as olive oil) they have probably come from overseas racking up lots of food miles on the way. GOOD OIL  is pressed and bottled at Collabear Farm in Devon so you can be sure of the origin of our oil and that it hasn’t had to travel too far to get to your plate!
  • Low in saturated fat: compared with olive oil GOOD OIL  contains half the saturated fat. This means you can be more liberal with it without the fear of going over your saturated fat limit for the day! GOOD OIL  contains 9.4% saturated fat and this is compared to 21% in soya bean oil and a whopping 86% in coconut oil!

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Nuts About Soya? Want to Have Soft, Clear Skin? Use GOOD OIL!

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