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Diet is so important when it comes to feeling our best, and as the old saying goes: you are what you eat! It’s no good just relying on exercise to feel fit and healthy, but about supplying our bodies with the right fuel and nutrients to nourish every single part of us.

Diet and Nutrition Advisor Lynsey Mentier has put together some mouth-watering recipes using GOOD products that not only taste delicious, but will leave you feeling great too!

Chocolate Protein Shake

3 ripe bananas
200ml GOOD HEMP milk
2 tbsp ground almonds
2 tbsp raw cacao
3 tbsp GOOD SEED Natural

Blend all of the ingredients together until smooth.


Warm Potato and Hemp Salad

New potatoes

green beans


fresh parsley




Rock salt (I use pink Himalayan)

Garlic powder

Boil the potatoes and add in the courgette and green beans for the last 2 minutes. Stir through the fresh parsley, olives and sweetcorn and drizzle with the GOOD OIL. Finally sprinkle over the garlic powder and rock salt.


Buddha Bowl Salad Dressing


Lemon juice

Rock salt

Garlic powder

Stir together the ingredients and drizzle over your favourite salad


Lynsey says: “I love adding a drizzle of hemp oil to my smoothies. The subtle nutty flavour is delicious in this strawberry and ground flax smoothie. This is also made with hemp milk too for extra plant based creaminess”


Check out Lynsey’s Instagram for more healthy inspiration: tonic_nutrition


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